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Senior Members Profile

    1 ADDICO GLORIA (DR) Senior Research Scientist Ph.D Biological Sciences/Toxicology
    2 ABOAGYE SAMUEL YAW Research Scientist Ph.D Parasitology
    3 AMADU AYESHA ALGADE Principal Technology MPhil Nuclear Agriculture
    4 AGBEKO ETORNYO Research Scientist MPhil Fisheries Science
    5 AGYAKWAH K. SETH (DR.) Research Scientist PhD Fisheries Science
    6 AGYEKUM WILLIAM A. (DR) Principal Research Scientist PhD Geology
    7 AKPABEY FELIX JERRY (DR) Senior Research Scientist PhD Entomology
    8 AKRONG MARK OSA Senior Research Scientist MPhil Environmental Science
    9 AMEVENKU FRANCIS Y. K Senior Research Scientist PhD Applied Agricultural Economics
    10 ANKU WILLIAM WILSON  Research Scientist Ph.D Chemistry
    11 AMPAH EBO DAVID Administrative Officer MBA Information Technology
    12  ASUGRE STEPHEN JNR Principal Technologist  MSc  Water Resources Eng. and Management 
    14 AMU-MENSAH MARIAN (MRS) Research Scientist MPhil Sociology
    15 ASUMING-BREMPONG ALIAS Research Scientist Ph.D Clinical Micro Biology
    17 ARMOO SAMUEL (DR.) Research Scientist  PhD Molecular genetics & Medical Parasitologist
    18 ARKO WILLIAMS EKOW Research Scientist  MPhil Environmental Science
    19 ASANTE KWADWO A. (DR) Principal Research Scientist D.Sc. Environmental Chemistry
    20 DORLEKU MICHAEL KOMLA Research Scientist MPhil Environmental Science
    21 ASMAH RUBY (MRS)(DR.) Principa Research Scientist Ph.D Aquaculture, Env. Chemistry, Ecological Marine Mgt.
    22  AYANFUL-TORGBY RUTH  Research Scientist  Ph.D  Parasitology 
    23 ASSOGBA FRANCIS ANANI  Research Scientist Ph.D Fishery Science
     24 BOATENG SAMPSON Pincipal Admin Officer  MA  Human Resource Management 
    25 BRUCE-VANDERPUIJE P. NAA AYIKAILEY Research Scientist Ph.D  Chemistry 
    26 BANU REGINA A (MRS) Research Scientist MPhil Microbiology
    27 BEKOE EMMANUEL OBENG (DR.) Senior Research Scientist Ph.D Water & Environment
    28 DARKO FERDINARD H. Senior Research Scientist MSc Ecological Marine Mgt. & Env. Chemistry
     29 GAISIE -ESSILFIE FRANZ ALEX  Principal Technologist  MSc  Geo-Information Science & Earth Science 
    30 DUAH ANTHONY APPIAH (DR) Senior Research Scientist Ph.D Hydrogeology 
    31 HODGSON ISAAC O.A (DR) Chief Research Scientist Ph.D Chemical Engineering, Env. Water Mgt.
    32 MEJIEDA RICHARD ADAMS Principal Technologist MPhil Geology
    33 NURU-AHMED FAISAL ABDALAH Principal Technologist MPHil Community Health & Development
    34 KARIKARI YAW ANTHONY (DR.) Principal Research Scientist PhD Water Quality, Agriculture & Env.
    35 KUMI MICHAEL Senior Research Scientist MSc Env. Science & Technology
    36 LOGAH FREDERICK YAW  Senior Research Scientist MSc Water Resources Engineering
    37 MAINOO A. PATRICK Research Scientist MSc Geophysics & GIS
    38 MANU EVANS Research Scientist  MSc Geophysics
    40 MENSAH EMMANUEL TETTEH-DOKU Research Scientist  MPhil Fisheries Science
    41 MENSAH GEORGE TETTEH Research Scientist MPhil Parasitology
    42 MOHAMMED SAADA Research Scientist MSc Chemistry
    43 OBIRI-NYARKO FRANKLIN  Research Scientist Ph.D Earth Science-Geology
    44 OBUOBIE EMMANUEL (DR.) Senior Research Scientist Ph.D Natural Science
    45 OFORI DEBORAH Research Scientist  MSc Env. Resources Engineering
    46 OFORI-AGYEMAN MICHAEL CARL Research Scientist  MSc Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation
    47 OKRAH COLLINS Research Scientist MSc Geophysics
    48 OSAE-SAKYI RHODA LIMS (MRS.) Research Scientist MPhil Oceanography
    49 OSEI-MENSAH  KWAME Accountant MBA Accounting and Finance
    50 OSEI-ATWENEBOANA MIKE (DR) Principal Research Scientist Ph.D Medical Parasitology
    51 OWIREDU SOLOMON AMOAH   Research Scientist MPhil Fisheries Science
    52 OWUSU BENSON KWABENA Scientific Secretary MPhil Enviromental Science
     53 OSEI-OWUSU MARK Principal Technologist   MSc Water Resources Engineering & Management 
    54 QUARCOO GERARD Research Scientist  MPhil Environmental Science
    55 QUARCOOPOME THEODORE Senior Research Scientist MPhil Fish Bioderversity
    56 TAY COLLINS (DR.) Senior Research Scientist Ph.D Environmental Science
    57 TAGOE RALPH Principal Technologist MPhil Geophysics
    58  TETTEVI EWARAD JENNER Reseaarch Scientist MPhil Parasitology
    59 BENTUM CLAUDIA Administration Officer MBA Human Resource Management
    60 ABUNTORI ZITA NAANBWENWELE Research Scientist MSc Environmental Science