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Ground Water Division

Research Scientists of the Groundwater Division

dr. duah 

 mr. mainoo


 Dr. Anthony A. Duah
(Senior Research Scientist/
Head of Division)

Mr. Patrick A. Mainoo
(Research Scientist)

Mr. Evans Manu
(Research Scientist)





Mr. Collins Okra
(Research Scientist)

                  Ralph Tagoe                    (Principal Technologist)

Mr. Carl Ofori-Agyeman
(Research Scientist/OIC Tamale Station)



abigaill 2 

           Bismark A. Akurugu        (Principal Technologist)

               Mrs. Sandra V. Asare                   (Principal Technologist)

Mrs. Abigail Nunoo Akuetteh  (Principal Technologist) 



The long-term objective of the Groundwater Division is to generate, process and disseminate information on the availability of groundwater, quantity of water to be abstracted for various uses as well as the reliability and sustainability of its recharge.

Currently, the Division conducts research into groundwater resources of Ghana, provides scientific information on groundwater resources to governmental and non-governmental agencies and the general public, undertakes groundwater monitoring and assessment studies as well as groundwater database management

The Division therefore provides technical services on groundwater development issues relating to geophysical investigation for borehole siting, borehole drilling supervision, pumping test, pump mechanization, pump repairs (submersible/hand-pumps), geophysical borehole logging (Geo-logger/sondes), installation of treatment plants on boreholes (reverse osmosis, filters, iron removal etc.), provision of hydro-geological information, and production of hydro-geological maps. Local and foreign students are also offered training on groundwater development.

Details on the research and development activities of the Division are presented in the following sections.