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The Aquaculture Research and Development Centre (ARDEC) of the CSIR-Water Research Institute, stationed at Akosombo, provide solutions to challenges facing the Aquaculture Industry in Ghana. ARDEC develops and supplies improved strain of Nile Tilapia (the Akosombo Strain) to hatcheries, as well as high-quality better-performing Tilapia and Catfish fingerlings to grow out farmers.
In addition to Aquaculture research and development,ARDEC offer practical training programs in all aspects of Aquaculture, focusing on best Aquaculture practice. With the state-of-art training facilities, the Centre over the years have trained hundreds of practicing fish farmers, potential fish farmers,fish farm managers and owners, fisheries and aquaculture lecturers, Fisheries Officers of the Fisheries Commission of Ghana, sub-regional farmers and Fisheries Officers from various African countries, as well as second cycle and tertiary students.  
Below are pictures of some activities
tilapia harvesttraining 1
training 2training 3