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George Tetteh Mensah



BSc (Hons) K’si ,PGDE( Cape Coast) ,MPhil( Ghana) PhD

Awards and Recognitions
2002 – 2006: Scientific Information Officer (Technical Editor)
2006- : Research Scientist ( Parasitologist)



Dr. George Tetteh Mensah, Research Scientist of the Parasitology Unit of the Environmental Biology and Health Division of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research- Water Research Institute (CSIR-WRI). He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Science and Technology Kumasi in 1991, Master’s degree in Applied Parasitology in 1999 at the University of Ghana. PhD in Medical Microbiology (Parasitology), 2016 at University of Ghana. He has a vast experience in infectious diseases control, with various expertise including medical parasitology. Using these expertise, his research focuses on: parasitological responses to chemotherapeutic agents for some Neglected Tropical Diseases, using integrated approach. He has supervised some post-graduate students at masters’ and undergraduate levels at various Ghanaian Universities. He has published eight peer-reviewed articles in journals. He was a visiting Lecturer at the Valley View University (handled undergraduate students in Education), a Gender Advocate and Technical Editor at the CSIR Editorial Office.

Research Interests

Reducing diseases caused by parasites in humans and animals by integrated control strategies

Current Research

Research in my laboratory focuses on the molecular epidemiology of Cryptosporidium and Giardia spp to establish their cycle of transmission in order to put in place control strategies to minimise the incidence of the diseases they cause to humans and animals.
Also use of integrated approach to control the incidence of urinary schistosomiasis.
Our laboratory is composed of a very active team of Ph.D., M.Sc., BSc and HND students, support staff and visiting scientists. Enquiries from qualified applicants about postdoctoral and Ph.D. training in molecular parasitology are welcome. Applications from international graduate students and postdoctoral fellows with scholarship standing are particularly encouraged. Research in my laboratory is supported by GOG, Countdown and MIDA Ghana.

Current Projects

  • • Identification of various species Cryptosporidium and Giardia spp
  • • Integrated schistosomiasis control program.
  • • Mapping the distribution Cryptosporidium and Giardia spp in Southern Ghana


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