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Biomedical and Public Health Division


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Prof, Mike Yaw Osei-Atweneboana
Principal Research Scientist/Director
 Dr. Samuel Armoo
Senior Research Scientist
 Dr. William Elias Asuming
Research Scientist/Head of Division
 Mr. Edward Jenner Tettevi
Research Scientist
ruth  faisal

Dr.  Ruth Ayanful Togby

(Research Scientist)

Faisal Nuhu

(Principal Technologist) 


  • Conduct research into infectious diseases, non-communicable diseases and other health related problems using molecular genomics applications to significantly increase knowledge and generate evidence-based findings leading to development of technologies and treatment strategies to enhance control, management and elimination of diseases of public health importance.


  1.  Development of technologies and treatment strategies.
  2. To enhance control and elimination of diseases of Public Health importance. 


Research and Development Activities: Onchocerciasis

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Research Activities :Schistosomiasis

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Research Activities : Soil-transmitted Helminths

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Research Activities : Lymphatic Filariasis

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  • Development of a more sensitive Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification Assays for detection of Onchocerca volvulus.
  • Real-time PCR based diagnostic tool to discriminate between the human parasite  Onchocerca volvulus that causes onchocerciasis and Onchocerca ochengi that does not cause the human disease in the blackfly vectors population.     
  • Development of High-resolution melt assays using real-time PCR Technology for detection of  ivermectin resistance in onchocerciasis endemic communities.
  • Longitudinal epidemiological surveys and monitoring of onchocerciasis transmission in endemic communities in six regions in Ghana to determine the feasibility of  onchocerciasis elimination in Ghana using current  interventions.
  • Development of a molecular xeno-monitoring assay for surveillance of lymphatic filariasis after Mass Drug Administration.
  • Mapping of vector species composition in communities in the Western and Northern regions:  Control strategies improved to drive towards LF elimination.
  • Development of hyper-sensitive DNA-based tools for disease diagnosis.  
  • Expanded access to Praziquantel for schistosomiasis control.


      The research goals and mandate is to generate knowledge and evidence-based findings leading to development of technologies and strategies  to enhance the control, management  and elimination of diseases of public health importance.
      From the research outputs in the coming years we expect to significantly impact on diseases of public health importance within the next 10 to 50 years, thus we expect to see: 

  1. Elimination of Neglected Tropical Diseases
  2. Reduction in morbidities and mortalities of other infectious and non-communicable diseases
  3. Development of gene therapy for the control and treatment of non-communicable disease
  4. Provision of treatment strategies for management of chronic diseases
  5. High profile Cancer research leading to reduction in cancer related morbidities and mortalities
  6. Establishing of molecular genomics medical laboratories for diagnoses and management of genetic related diseases
  7. Establishment of research based hospital for drug development, treatment and management of cancers and non-communicable diseases
  8. BMPHRU to a Medical Research Institute


equi1  eq2  eq3  eq4 eq5
 Real-Time PCR machine for DNA analysis       Class II Biosafety Cabinet and Incubator    Ultra Low Freezer (-80°C)              Gel Imager                          Electrophoresis System


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