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Dr. Anthony Yaw Karikari



Mobile: +233(0)208184215, E mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


BSc (Ghana),MSc (Japan),Dip. (Integrated Env. & Water Mgt., Denmark), PhD (Ghana)

Research Interests

  • Assessment of water quality of surface, rain, ground water and sediment quality for environmental and ecosystem health.
  • Assessment of drinking water quality for safe consumption.
  • Assessment of quality of water for agricultural, aquaculture and industrial purposes
  • Monitoring of industrial effluent quality.
  • Pollution and trophic status of lakes, lagoons and coastal waters

Current Research

My current Research involves the assessment and monitoring of surface water, ground water, rain water to generate information and data for decision making and for ecosystem health and for the enhancement of socio-economic development.  Assessment of drinking water quality, agriculture and aquaculture water are also being conducted.  Water is life and the quality of water for different purposes has become a global issue due to anthropogenic and other pollution sources. The research work entails field investigation and sampling of environmental samples such as water, sediment, soil and fish for laboratory studies and interpretation for end users.

Current Projects

  1. 1.Assessment of contaminant pathways in four low-income urban neighbourhoods in Accra, Ghana
  2. 2.Independent assessment of drinking water quality in distribution systems of some Metropolitan areas in Ghana
  3. 3.Potable and swimming pool water quality of a hospitality industry in Accra, Ghana.
  4. 4.Effluent quality monitoring of a hospitality industry in Accra, Ghana
  5. 5.The trophic state of Lake Volta in Ghana (Proposal Stage)


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Profile of Dr. Anthony Yaw Karikari

Head, Environmental Chemistry & Sanitation Engineering Division (ECSED),

CSIR-Water Research Institute


Dr. Anthony Yaw Karikari is a Principal Research Scientist, and Head of Environmental Chemistry & Sanitation Engineering Division (ECSED) of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research-Water Research Institute (CSIR-WRI). He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from University of Science and Technology (Now Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST, Kumasi) in 1988, He obtained his Master of Science Degree in Water Geochemistry & Environment in 1996 from the University of the Ryukyus, Okinawa, Japan. He holds a PhD. Degree in Aquaculture and Environment from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). Dr. Karikari holds a diploma in Integrated Environment and Water Management, 2001 from DHI Water and Environment, Denmark. He has a certificate in Ocean Governance: Policy, Law and Management, from International Ocean Institute, Dalhousie University, Canada in 2007. He has Project Planning and Management background from GIMPA, Ghana in 1992, and an Advanced Diploma in Insurance, 2009 from Malta.

He has undertaken consultancy works in the area of water quality and wastewater Assessments for Government, Private, Mining, NGO and international firms over the years. He has a vast experience in water quality assessments, Pollution studies, wastewater Monitoring and sediment quality studies. His research activities involve integrated environment and water management, lake trophic states studies, water quality for agriculture and aquaculture development, water treatment for drinking purposes and water and sediment quality of lake and surface water ecosystem health. He has supervised post-graduate students at master’s level at some Ghanaian Universities. He is an internal examiner for CSIR Senior staff promotions and reviewer for international peer-reviewed journals. He has obtained research grants together with other researchers from funding agencies including Royal Society Africa Leverhulme Trust, Challenge Programme for Water and Food (CPWF), DANIDA etc. Dr. Karikari has served on a number of National Technical Committees, including a Steering Committee Member-Guinea Current Large Marine Ecosystem (GCLME) Project, Ghana (2008-2011), Secretary to the Ghana National Committee for the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (GNC-IOC) (2009-2014), Coordinator of SDG-6 Technical committee He has to his credit, many published peer-reviewed articles in international journals.

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