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Mr Michael Dorleku



Bsc, Labtech (UCC,Ghana), MPhil, Env.Sc.(University of Ghana)

Research Interests

Environmental Pollution Monitoring with special interest in Trace and Heavy metals,   water quality assessment.

Current Research

My research focuses on sources, mechanism, both temporal and special distribution of trace and heavy metals in the environment with respect to water, soil/sediments, plant and animal biota. The abusive usage of mercury in small-scale gold mining in Ghana has drawn my attention to investigate the extent of mercury pollution in groundwater, surface water and treated drinking water. Currently working on some coastal lagoons in Ghana which include the Kpeshie and Muni Lagoons the Songor and the Mukwe Lagoons, looking at their pollution status with respect to their respective environments. Geochemical Normalisation method is being employed on the sediments of these Lagoons to determine whether heavy metal pollution is natural or anthropogenic in these water bodies.

 Current Research Projects being worked on include

  • .Pollution Assessment of Two Lagoons in Ghana: A comparative study of the Kpeshie and the Muni Lagoons.
  • Comparative Pollution and Ecological Assessment of Mukwe and Songorh Lagoons in Ghana.


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  3. Dorleku M,.(2013). Ground water contamination by small scale mining with toxic metals in the Lower Pra Basin. Unpublished M.Phil thesis, submitted to the Institute for Environmental and Sanitation Studies, University of Ghana. 
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  5. Collins K.Tay, Michael Dorleku, Samuel S. Koranteng (2018). Hydrochemical Evolution of Ground and Surface Water within the Amansie and Adansi Districts of the  Ashanti Region, Ghana. West African Journal of Applied Ecology ISSN                0855- 4307 vol 26(2)
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