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STREC-Ghana consortium is a collaboration between Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)-Ghana, Food and Drugs Board Authority (FDA) Ghana, Council on Health Research and Development (COHRED-Switzerland), Pharmalys-South Africa and Pharma Ethics-Senegal.

The STREC-Ghana project aims at strengthening the regulatory and ethics capacity of Ghana through a stakeholder participatory approach, review of existing regulatory and ethics capacity situation with a view to strengthening the general ethics review system in the country.

The inception meeting will be used for planning and conducting refresher training in ethics review, SOP development and RHInnO Ethics platform. In addition, the session will be used to carry out Needs and Gaps assessment as well as performance enhancement of the review and the technical processes required to ensure quality and efficiency of ethics and regulation of research in Ghana.

Representation for the inception meeting will be drawn from all key stakeholders involved in research across the country. This will include Ministries and departments, Institutional Review Boards (IRBs), public and private universities, NGOs etc

Attendance for the session are the Board Chairmen / women and Administrators of the Institutional Review Boards (IRB) in the country.

Contact : 0242274626  Hanna
                 0208543137  Pamela