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Dr. Miriam Yayra Ameworwor



Research Scientist 

CSIR-WRI, Airport, Accra
Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
Tel: +233 302 779514 (office);
Tel: +233 248989510; +233 208728785 (cell)


2005 - 2009
Bachelor of Science (Fisheries & Aquatic Science), University of Cape Coast, Ghana 

2012 - 2014
Master of Philosophy (Fisheries Science), University of Ghana, Ghana 

2016 - 2021
PhD (Fisheries Science), University of Cape Coast, Ghana

 Profile of Dr. Miriam Yayra Ameworwor

Miriam is a young scientist in the Fisheries and Aquaculture Division of the CSIR-Water Research Institute. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences from the University of Cape Coast and a Master of Philosophy degree in Fisheries Science from the University of Ghana. Her PhD, also in Fisheries Science was obtained from the University of Cape Coast.

She is passionate about fisheries management and fisheries ecological issues. Her focus in research is in areas related to sociocultural practices and fisheries management, fisheries ecological interactions with fishing gears and methods, fish biology, and impacts of cage culture on wild fish populations. She has participated in projects including Leverhulme Royal Society Africa Project, USAID/UCC Fisheries and Coastal Management Capacity Building Support Project and the UNESCO- Clean Oceans Project.  


List of Publications 

        1. Ameworwor, M. Y., Asmah, R., Ofori-Danson, P.K. and Clottey, M. N. K., (2019). Enhancing local fish production through cage aquaculture on the Volta Lake: Impacts on capture fisheries. Journal of Fisheries and Coastal Management 1 (1), 1–6.  DOI: 10.5455/jfcom.20190313031430.

       2. Clottey, M.N.K., Asmah, R., Ofori-Danson, P. K., Ameworwor, M. Y. and Karikari, A.Y. (2016). Impacts of cage culture on physico-chemical and bacteriological water quality in Lake Volta, Ghana. African Journal of Aquatic Science, 41(4), 473-480, DOI: 10.2989/16085914.2016.1255587.


Conference Presentations

        1.      "Characteristics of the bottom set gillnet fishery in the Central Region of Ghana", a paper presented at the 2nd Conference on Fisheries and Coastal Environment,  Accra, August 2019.

        2.   "The influence of cage culture on fish relative abundance and species diversity in the Volta Lake Stratum II", a poster presented at the Coastal and Ocean  Environment  Summer School, Accra, August 2017. 

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