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Environmental Biology & Health Division

dr. addico



Dr. Gloria Naa Dzama Addico
(Senior Research Scientist/Head of Division)

Dr. Mike Osei-Atweneboana
(Principal Research Scientist/Director)

Dr. George T. Mensah
(Senior Research Scientist)




Mr. Mark Osa Akrong
(Senior Research Scientist)

Mrs. Regina Banu
(Senior Research Scientist)

Mr. Gerald Quarcoo
(Research Scientist)




mrs. lady boamah adomako -t




Ayesha Algade Amadu
(Principal Technologist) 

(Principal Technologist) 

Ms Hawa Ahmed
(Principal Technologist)  



The main objective of the Environmental Biology and Health Division is to enhance public health status of Ghanaians through sound environmental management, water pollution control strategies, preventive and control strategies for water-borne and other infectious diseases. The Division has expertise in the areas of microbiology, parasitology, entomology, aquatic flora and fauna, molecular biology and public health.

Activities of the Division include:

  • • Water quality monitoring  through microbial, algal and macro-invertebrate analyses;
  • • Microbiological analyses of drinking water, waste water  and other samples;
  • • Identification and management of invasive plants in Ghana;
  • • Isolation and production of  entomopathogenic bacteria used in biological control of disease vectors;
  • • Environmental impact assessment and watershed management;
  • • Research into water-related/borne parasitic diseases and other infectious diseases;
  • • Research into water-related vectors of diseases of public health importance to develop innovative strategies for  control and prevention;
  • • Molecular epidemiology studies and understanding the mechanism and genetics of drug resistance and the development of DNA based diagnostic tools;
  • • Consultancy in the establishment of science and  medical laboratories; and
  • • Training of scientists, technologists and students.