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Environmental Chemistry and Sanitation Engineering Division

Dr. Isaac O. A. Hodgson
(Chief Research Scientist)

Dr. Anthony Y. Karikari
(Principal Research Scientist/Head of Division)


Dr. Kwadwo A. Asante
(Principal Research Scientist)

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Dr. Collins Tay
(Principal Research Scientist)

mr. humphrey

Mr. Humphrey F. Darko
(Senior Research Scientist)


Ms. Saada Mohammed
(Research Scientist)

michael kumi


Mr. Michael Kumi
(Senior Research Scientist)




The long-term objective of the Environmental Chemistry Division is to generate, process and disseminate water and wastewater quality information to end-users. Specific objectives are to:

  • perform quality and quantity assessments of industrial, agricultural and domestic discharges in both urban and rural areas and identify their impact on aquatic ecosystems;
  • collect, process and disseminate comprehensive high quality and reliable environmental data on surface and groundwater with regard to their chemical constituents; and
  • monitor pollution in coastal waters and lagoons in Ghana.